Franchising Opportunities

Payroll Matters® Franchising Opportunities

The use of an outside, independent payroll service such as Payroll Matters® provides distinct benefits to businesses:

Allowing a business to do what it does best!
By using an independent payroll service, employers can better focus on what they do best running there businesses.

Being accurate and being correct!
A top priority of any payroll service is ensuring the accuracy of the payrolls processed. Staying current with tax laws and tax computations is a vital part of our payroll service.

Maintaining confidentiality!
Payroll services reduce the risk of exposing confidential payroll information to unauthorized personnel.

Providing convenience!
Outsourcing makes payroll fast and easy. In general, all an employer has to do is gather and communicate payroll information to the payroll service.

Affording flexibility!
An employer has access to a greater number of services. This has become increasingly important to the administration of other functions (for example, insurance, retirement plans, direct deposit) and is part of the payroll process.

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