Payroll Matters® Services

Payroll Matters® will immediately, confidentially and cost effectively process your company's Payroll Data. We accept payroll data via Telephone, Fax, and e-mail.

Each Pay Period you receive your Payroll Checks with a thorough analysis of all employee earnings and deductions.

You will receive your Payroll, which includes:

› Check Register - Fast and Easy Reconciliation.
› Employee's Year to Date Totals.
› Department Totals: Hours thru Net, Current, Month to Date, Quarter to Date, Year to Date.
› Company Totals: Hours thru Net, Current, Month to Date, Quarter to Date, Year to Date.
› Employee Register for your Next Payroll.
› Information on Federal, State and Local Tax Deposits.
› Federal and State Tax Deposit Checks for Non-Tax Filing Clients (Optional).
› Individual Employee Earnings Record (Optional)
› Special Reports for Tracking Vacation, Sick Time, Personal Time, 401k, 403b, Simple IRA and many more.

Just tell us what you need.

Payroll Matters® offers Full Electronic Services, including Direct Deposit and Electronic Filing of Federal and State Payroll Taxes. We can Electronically Pay your 1120 Single Business Tax and others.

Payroll Matters® offers client assistance for the following at no charge or for a nominal Fee:

› Payroll Tax Filing Service Payroll Matters® will make all Payroll Tax payments and File all related Monthly, Quarterly and Year End Reports. This service Eliminates any Federal, State or Local late filing penalties and interest charges. Includes all mandated IRS EFTPS.

› Assistance to Set Up a New Business regarding Payroll Matters
› Electronic Filing of 401k Contributions with most Annuity Administrator.
› Conversion to Payroll Matters® System.
› New Hire Reporting and employee Data changes.
› Special Reports including Job Cost, Annuity, Benefits Tracking, General Ledger and many more.
› Creation of Special Reports for Clients.