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Payroll Matters® Franchising Opportunities

The typical Payroll Matters® customer is a business owner who understands that it makes more sense to outsource a payroll service than to do it in-house. Our clients are interested in their company's "bottom line," and they understand that a payroll service is an exceptional and added value.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are managing a mid sized business and have always handled payroll internally. Lately, you wonder if it wouldn't make more sense to consider using an outside payroll service.

Here are a few questions to help make a choice that's right for your business.

1. How many hours of company time does it take to train personnel to perform payroll duties?
2. How many hours of productivity are lost through the use of these personnel for payroll duties?
3. What type of continuing education will be required to train personnel in performing the following tasks?

• Calculating and filing payroll tax returns
• Collecting payroll related information
• Calculating wage and hour figures
• Tracking payroll tax deposit due dates
• Researching changes in federal and state payroll tax rules and legislation
• Paying payroll tax liabilities

4. What is the cost of obtaining the software necessary for payroll services?
5. What are the costs and time associated with software updates?

Here is the "bottom line" about your bottom line. If you believe the time on the above issues could be better spent in other areas of your business, then outsourcing makes sense.

Consider the difference between having an employee consult tax tables, maintain the payroll ledgers, track the company benefits for each employee, and be responsible for writing and distributing the checks each week–or simply placing a call to Payroll Matters® and letting them do it all.

Time is money. Your time should be spent earning money.

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