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Payroll Matters® Franchising Opportunities

Most businesses do not plan to get sidetracked by the administrative details of a payroll program, whether it's for one or more employees, but it can happen.

Payroll Matters® knows the business of producing payroll and provides the necessary advice for companies to handle this task properly:

• Write checks.
• Calculate the appropriate state and federal taxes.
• Determine the appropriate amount of tax owed.
• Keep accurate records.
• File with the IRS and state agencies.
• Create and file W2 forms in a timely and correct manner.

Sometimes our business is about helping to classify employees correctly. For example, what is the difference between an independent contractor and an employee? Is it the amount of hours worked? Is it the location where the work is performed? Is it the type of training? What are the risks associated with incorrectly classifying an employee? Did you know, an employer who incorrectly misclassifies an employee as an independent contractor can be held liable for 20% of the individual's wages for Social Security payment?

One late or incorrectly filed tax report can result in significant penalties to the business owner. The IRS and state revenue agencies are known for their lack of leniency and compassion towards businesses that do not file in a timely or correct manner.

The Payroll Matters® advantages are numerous. We offer more than "number crunching" proficiency. Our competitive edge includes the consulting expertise that comes from our years in the business. We offer our customers a turnkey solution to their payroll needs, which includes electronic banking, direct deposit employee services, and payroll tax filings. From payroll check to tax obligation check to tax statements to special reports, we are the one-stop payroll service that companies have depended on since the 1970's.

We provide not only the checks, but the balance.

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