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Road to the MK Photo Shoot – Part 2


Below is the second part of Jen’s journey to Tahoe for the MK photo shoot – next up; Day one of the shoot!


Left Lone Pine just after grabbing the quick pano shot of the Sierras, from where I was writing you yesterday. Hit the open road with a sprawling smile and thrilling urge to push faster. The bike, she is magnificent and wants to run. And corner. A V-twin 771cc limited-edition (only 1,000 made) homage to MG’s original 1967 Stornello Scrambler. She is a torky thing! The straights of hwy 395 soon led me to Bishop, home of Lesley Allen (and the “MK Way” sign, had to turn around for that one).



She and family were on Mammoth Mountain, MTB riding the downhill course (the legendary “Kamikaze” for anyone who recalls Missy Giove’s high speed crash in the early 90’s) (then again some of you weren’t born yet). Off course we went into stormy skies, first rain of the trip, and lunch with Lesley. Further down the road the wind picked up considerably and reports of troublesome weather were generously contributed by gas station companions who had just traveled the pass. A new community is found when traveling by moto. Curiosity enhanced when they see you are solo, and a woman (and the Italian sexy beast begs to be the center of attention).


I skipped the opportunistic turn into the eastern entrance of Yosemite at Topaz Lake to avoid worse weather and pushed on to hwy 89, a climb and descent full of twists and views that bring all emotions raw to the surface. And few cars. So we played, and we counter-steered our way through an infinity of shifts between 2nd and 3rd gears. Arriving at South Lake Tahoe, I chose the western rim and proceeded toward Truckee. Drew, our photographer, having just arrived at the house.

The temp dropped as low as 64′, coupled with riding gear still wet from the rains made for a constant shiver. A stop at the entrance of Squaw Valley was a must however! Warmed up with a bowl of soup and hot tea at the Town Tavern in Truckee, ordered a pizza to go for Drew, and delivered my happy ass and Drew’s mostly cold pizza to our photo shoot crib slightly after 9pm. The package had landed. And the adventure is just beginning!


Photo shoot production and talent crew members are all in-flight and on-road at the moment, headed this way. Two members arrived at 2am, I assume they are not yet awake.

We’ll send postcards from the shoot, more pics than words.

Can’t wait to venture to create and curate our story-telling for the Spring 17 season. We hope to make you proud!

xo Jen