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Indoor Physical Activities For Bad Weather

For an active person who loves to spend every second of his spare time outdoors, fewer things are worse than a long stretch of bad weather. If there's a small child stranded inside the house as well, you will need a whole list of things to do to stay busy in a fun, and at the same time efficient manner. Since the latest medical recommendations speak about at least 60 minutes if daily exercises in kids, here are a few excellent ideas for keeping your children active, as well as the rest of the family.

Play Simon Says At A Fast Pace

Play one of your child's favorite games at a fast pace, using physical exercises. For example, “Simon Says run fast in place”, “Simon Says hop up and down on the left foot”, and other similar examples of exercises that are usually fun to execute inside the house without creating too big of a mess. Make sure you are all wearing the most comfortable sweatsuits and hoodies and join your kids in their fun game, obeying the same Simon Says commends. Repeat until you all start to feel exhausted or bored and ready for a new game inside the house, while the rain storm is hitting your knocking in your window.

Play “Hit The Softball”

In case you can hand something on a wall, you can try this idea: grab a soft ball and place it into the cutoff leg of a pair of old pantyhose, then hang it from above and encourage your child to swat at it. See how many times your little one can return the ball and notice his eye-hand coordination. This game will also improve his stretching skills and turn into a highly competitive activity if you have more than once child inside the house. While your child keeps himself busy with the softball, you can grab your laptop or tablet and play a game of poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, or any other game you can find on specialized online entertainment sites like Ace Kingdom. Many people enjoy playing casino games in their spare time, and long, autumn evenings when your kids are busy doing something fun could be just the right time for you to enjoy your passion. Pull out your tablet, sit comfortably on your sofa and indulge yourself in a game of video poker, a numbers game, scratchcard, or an exciting live game of your liking. You can play right after you register your new membership on the site in just a few steps and get all the details you need on the welcome bonus you will be rewarded with once you will join the rest of the players there.

While your kids are busy building their chair and blanket tunnel in the middle of the living room, you can enjoy the piece and quite you need to play your favorite game of poker on your chosen stakes or hit the Spin button a few times playing Beach Life slots, daydreaming about the hot, summer days.