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Dress Down For The Job

Many people contemplate the thought of landing a job that would not impose a certain dress code for them. The thought of having to wear a suit and die and office dresses or heels is not very appealing to most people who are looking to feel comfortable while doing their tasks. Wearing starched and confining clothes on a daily basis makes it difficult to focus sometimes, and this is particularly hard to cope with when it comes to traditional types of businesses that require strict office attire. Nevertheless, if you are currently looking for jobs that require casual sense of style, you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of examples of jobs and career opportunities that will not impose a official attire, or at least not on a daily basis.

Sloppy Is Never Acceptable

Keep in mind as a golden rule of thumb is to never dress in a sloppy way and always avoid appearing disheveled. You might be able to wear corporate casual or even jeans and t-shirts, but you can never leave your guard down.

Become A Rock Critic Or A Landscaper

These are just a couple of examples of jobs that will allow you to dress as casual as you wish; if you have a burning passion for rock music, you can think of becoming a rock critic and writing reviews of band albums, as well as concert reviews, while also staying updated with the latest industry news. You will also need to setting up interviews with people belonging to the industry and get ready for casual clothes that usually include t-shirts and jeans, but also business casual styles. With a median salary of $35,000 per year, you will at least enjoy the comfort of casual clothes – and if the salary does not satisfy your living expense needs, you can always search for a new part time job on specialized job searching jobs like this one here You will most likely come across many jobs in the IT sector, which is another industry that often times works with young and resourceful people who are looking for the casual office attire as well. The companies making the hiring are known to organize special casual attire days every week, during which employees are allowed to dress casually, or they simply do not impose a strict dress code to begin with. The more relaxed a work environment is, the more productive the employees will be.

Gardeners or people working in the landscaping field are expected to do a lot of planting and landscape maintenance, especially when it comes to shrubs and flowers. This means there is a lot of dirt involved in the nature of their job, so wearing jeans and T-shirts that feel comfortable but also offer protection is a must. Median salary? Around $32,500, but if you work on a per project basis, you can always look for some computer side work as well.

Chefs And Electricians

As an electrician, you will need all the freedom of movement you can get to bend and stretch a lot, while wearing flame-resistant protection; so it is a must to dress casually and expect a median yearly salary of $40,000. as a chef, you can wear pretty much anything you would like underneath your apron, as long as it is flame retardant and comfortable enough to let you do all the cooking.