Hell Yeah Tour! On the Road

The Tour Stops By Whole Earth Provision Co. in Dallas

Welcome to Dallas! Big towns like this have a way of speeding time up. The key to enjoying your time in the hustle of a big city is to find your sanctuary. For the Hell Yeah! Tour, the sanctuary is with the crew at Whole Earth Provision Co. Just outside of the city center, WEPC is an awesome gear shop that doubles as a bookstore. Full of educational texts, maps, wilderness journals and biographies of folks dedicated to the outdoors, as well as all the gear you’ll need for your adventures in the wild, this shop has a special place in my heart.

This location was special because one of our college ambassadors joined us for the event. John, a Dallas local, is a high achieving and high aspiring outdoorsman. He shared with us his plan for the long weekend. Rather than escape the heat by going to the local swimming hole, he and a good friend decided to uproot and drive 14 hours to Colorado to climb a fourteener or two and then turn right back around and drive home, all in three days. Woohoo! Keep it up man. And our family drop ins didn’t stop there! Patty from Popular Mechanics and her husband Ryan took some time to swing by and join us for the evening. Their energy and happiness is contagious. We wish they could join us for the rest of the trip! Thank you to everyone who joined us tonight and a big thank you to Whole Earth for creating a safe spot in a bustling city!

Get to Know the Author:

Howdy, my name is Garrett Dickson (a.k.a “G Money”) and I’m your Hell Yeah! Tour Coordinator. I’m a Colorado boy, born and bred. My greatest joy is to be in the natural world living life on my skis, on my bike, or with a paddle in my hands. For the next several months I’ll be traveling the country with Mountain Khakis, celebrating the intersection of outdoor x craft beer culture with you – the MK tribe!

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