Hell Yeah Tour! On the Road

The Crew Visits Birmingham, Drinks Beer, and Tries to Dodge Rain

Mountain High Outfitters: The Summit

There are no photos for this event. I was too busy sweeping water out of the store!

Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day! Needless to say, the weather did not listen to our requests. A common trend through the early part of this tour has been beautiful, clear weather on our days off followed by inconveniently rainy weather on event days. Fortunately for us, Mountain Khakis attracts a population of individuals that isn’t intimidated by a little bad weather. That, or we attract a crowd that is not likely to miss out on free beer. Either way, Birmingham did not leave the Hell Yeah! Tour out alone. We cracked some brews and celebrated the rainy afternoon together with the Mountain High Outfitters (MHO) crew at the Summit. In order to keep the rain out of the store, yes there was that much rain, I found myself sweeping the entrance clear of water and for a while, I was reminded of my first job. As a lifeguard at the swimming club across the street from home in Colorado Springs I frequently found myself sweeping water off the deck. Next time it’s raining, the crew at Mountain High Outfitters knows who to call…

Get to Know the Author:

Howdy, my name is Garrett Dickson (a.k.a “G Money”) and I’m your Hell Yeah! Tour Coordinator. I’m a Colorado boy, born and bred. My greatest joy is to be in the natural world living life on my skis, on my bike, or with a paddle in my hands. For the next several months I’ll be traveling the country with Mountain Khakis, celebrating the intersection of outdoor x craft beer culture with you – the MK tribe!

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