Hell Yeah Tour! On the Road

Special Thanks to South Carolina


South Carolina is a place where tea is sweet and the girls are sweeter. A place where folks would rather cruise the harbor than waste a day on the couch. And a place in which any day spent on the water is a day well spent. Having never been to this part of the country, I expected things to be completely foreign to me. The reality is that the flavor is different, activities are different, accents are different. But the lifestyle is the same. I’m learning that it doesn’t matter if you’re in the mountains of Colorado, the forests of North Carolina, or the harbor in Charleston, SC. Folks just want to live life outside, kick their feet up after the work week, and relax with good company and fresh air.


A reality of the South is that opinions are different than what I’m used to. I recognize this to be an opportunity. Here I am, a 27 year old guy raised in the outdoors of Colorado with a different social protocol. But the truth is that the only thing keeping me from opening up to these amazing people is the perception that there will be a disagreement. There is truth to southern hospitality and the accompanying expectation of courtesy; something I appreciate and reciprocate. But people in the south are still people who like to kick back and have a good time. There are just subtleties and points of chivalry that are different than what I am used to. I relish in it and soak up the culture. Truth be told, I am right at home in the South and Southeast. Sure, folks are different, activities are different. But we share a common love: the outdoors. Down here, things are green, the sun shows me a different side of heat; an embrace rather than a hot kiss on the skin.


The folks in Charleston showed me a different way to appreciate the outdoors. From the comfort of a boat bobbing in the harbor or anchored to a sand bar, they showed me a slice of life that I’d never known and perhaps never would have known had I not joined ranks with Mountain Khakis. For me, that’s what this tour is all about: roaming the country and seeing the landscape through the native lens, experiencing it the way the locals do. And at its core, that’s really what this tour is all about: visiting with folks in their natural habitat and celebrating a common lifestyle. For myself and my tour partner, sharing a common lifestyle with the locals starts with conversation and grows from there. Whether it’s fly fishing, trail running, cruising the harbor, or sharing a brew with new friends, life is the same down here as anywhere else I’ve been.


The Hell Yeah! Tour is about recognizing those similarities and celebrating our differences. Growth starts when someone challenges the way you experience life and encourage you to grow in the process. Giving thanks, embracing our outdoor kinsfolk, and celebrating the Hell Yeah! moments make this tour possible. South Carolina, thank you for the education, opportunities, and energy to have more adventures!


Get to Know the Author:

Howdy, my name is Garrett Dickson (a.k.a “G Money”) and I’m your Hell Yeah! Tour Coordinator. I’m a Colorado boy, born and bred. My greatest joy is to be in the natural world living life on my skis, on my bike, or with a paddle in my hands. For the next several months I’ll be traveling the country with Mountain Khakis, celebrating the intersection of outdoor x craft beer culture with you – the MK tribe!

Hell Yeah!