Hell Yeah Tour! On the Road

Hell Yeah! Tour Rolls through Raleigh and Chapel Hill


Hang time with the crew at Great Outdoor Provision Co.

This past week the Hell Yeah! Tour headed north to catch up with our buddies in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill Great Outdoor Provision Co.’s. This crew is one you have to meet! Present, engaged, dedicated to your success, it’s folks like these that make Mountain Khakis possible and make your long days in the backcountry comfortable. In Raleigh, Cameron Square hosted its first Cameron crawl, an event that aims to encourage folks to support locally. Mountain Khakis’ role in that is fairly straight forward: we appreciate and value the businesses and employees that introduce adventurers and professionals to our MK culture, our love of the outdoors, and of course, our pants. To have the chance to hang out with our crew at the Raleigh and Chapel Hill GOPC’s is a big deal and the Hell Yeah! Tour helped bring the celebration.

To kick off the events we launched right in to raffles in which anyone present won something from our partners. Lanyards, coasters, stickers, pint glasses, bottle openers and brochures were the SWAG of the nights. Sure, people get excited about free stuff. But the two nights the Hell Yeah! Tour spent with GOPC were about energizing our fellow outdoorsmen and women and sharing in our love the MK brand.


The best part about this tour is that people are eager to participate, eager to come chat with us about MK and friends, and they want to share their MK experiences with us. Take Nathan, for example. His pair of Alpine Utility Pants is one of a kind in more ways than one. They have seen him through home improvement, long work days, sledding, and even a personal modification. When he brought his pants to us at GOPC Raleigh to exchange them for a new pair, his hesitation was palpable; to give up his pair of shredded, and arguably finished pair of pants, required a certain type of separation, which is indicative of the kind of product MK stands for. People don’t just wear our pants. Folks live in our pants. Needless to say Nathan got hooked up with a pair of Camber 107s and we know that in another six years, we’ll see those same pants come back altered, worn, and full of personality.


This tour is once in a lifetime and folks pick up on the enthusiasm and stoke that such an adventure stirs up. GOPC deserves a massive shout out because without a crew like them, our world wouldn’t spin. Equally important is that we make the best damn pants. Period. This tour is dually aimed at giving thanks to our partners and friends that make our world keep on spinning as well as gathering information from retailers and consumers alike to glean more about how people use, abuse, and ultimately, live in our pants. When we come rolling through your town, come join us for a night of brews, exchange of stories, and camaraderie.


Get to Know the Author:

Howdy, my name is Garrett Dickson (a.k.a “G Money”) and I’m your Hell Yeah! Tour Coordinator. I’m a Colorado boy, born and bred. My greatest joy is to be in the natural world living life on my skis, on my bike, or with a paddle in my hands. For the next several months I’ll be traveling the country with Mountain Khakis, celebrating the intersection of outdoor x craft beer culture with you – the MK tribe!

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