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Hell Yeah! Tour hit’s Chattanooga, TN


Anytime I go somewhere new, I drop in at the local gear shops to get the local beta on the best restaurants, camping, running, skiing… you get the idea. The trick is to know which stores are going to provide the local information. If you’re lucky, you’ll have chosen to visit a new place when there is an event or festival of some kind and you can experience the local magic. Now that I am a part of the Hell Yeah! Tour, the trickiest part of beta gathering has already been done for me: the stores we are visiting over the next five months are only the best and most authentic stores across the country. Chattanooga is no exception.

The night we arrived in Chattanooga, we had an event scheduled at the Rock Creek in the North Shore shopping center. This place is rad. All the best mountaineering and camping brands you could ever wish for are strategically placed to catch your eye. With Mountain Khakis front and center, the HYT was right at home. To make the evening even more fun, Rock Creek had double booked us with a packet pick up for a 25K trail run the following day. With beer in hand, runners and outdoors women and men crowded the store and shared in the festivities and gaiety. What’s even more fun, albeit on a completely selfish level, they organizers of the event allowed me to register for the race last minute.



The following morning, I joined 100 runners on Raccoon Mountain, an incredible place with mountain biking trails that remind me of the trails in Crested Butte, CO. 25k later, everyone was vibrating, chowing on pizza and Coke. Such a great morning. How could it get any better? An afternoon at the Universal Joint in downtown Chattanooga, a fine recommendation from the local SweetWater guru. If you’ve never been, go check them out. Next on the list: back home to Charlotte, then we’re headed south. Stay tuned!

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Howdy, my name is Garrett Dickson (a.k.a “G Money”) and I’m your Hell Yeah! Tour Coordinator. I’m a Colorado boy, born and bred. My greatest joy is to be in the natural world living life on my skis, on my bike, or with a paddle in my hands. For the next several months I’ll be traveling the country with Mountain Khakis, celebrating the intersection of outdoor x craft beer culture with you – the MK tribe!

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