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5 Inspirational Pictures to Get You Camping

At Mountain Khakis, we are all about getting outdoors. That’s why we’re part of the $100,000 Camping Giveaway Contests on The Dyrt, a platform for campground reviews.

Our contests cover Wyoming, North Carolina, and South Carolina. June was the first month of our contest, and we want to share the top 5 user-submitted photos that inspire us to grab the tent, pack the car, and get out there. Summer is whipping by–we hope these awesome pictures help you take advantage of this incredible season.

Louis Lake Campground, Wyoming

Sometimes, you just have to pack up and go. And if the road isn’t rough, find one that is.


Image by The Dyrt user Michelle E

Sitting Bull Campground, WY

The tranquility of a secluded campsite. You + nature, and that’s it.

Image by The Dyrt user Jess K

Image by The Dyrt user Jess K

Lake Powhatan, NC

Not all camping needs to include adrenaline-pumping adventure. Sometimes, a hammock and a small grassy clearing are everything.

Image by The Dyrt user Angel K

Image by The Dyrt user Angel K

Frisco Campground, NC

When you camp, you’re not just in nature, you’re part of it. You experience it with wider eyes, chase new experiences and vistas, and breathe deeper.

Image by The Dyrt user Brittany S

Image by The Dyrt user Brittany S


Poinsett State Park, SC

And sometimes, camping is all about family… exploring new trails for miles without worrying about the time of day, laughing around the fire, zipping up the tent and sleeping bags for the night, content after a day well spent.

Image by The Dyrt user Angel K

Image by The Dyrt user Angel K

If you camp in Wyoming, North Carolina, or South Carolina, share your experience in our contests on The Dyrt and you could win a $100 gift card from Mountain Khakis. Contests run every month this summer: July, August, September. For our Wyoming contest, click here, and for NC & SC, click here.

So get out there. Don’t plan too much. Spend time in solitude or around the fire with loved ones. Breathe deeply, make memories, and come back to society ready to take on the world.