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Outdoor Ladies Unite

There is nothing like getting a bunch of ladies together who share one common interest: The love for the outdoors. I thought it would be a great idea to get some ladies together and enjoy the outdoors by taking them on a hike. Where I’m from, Washington State, there are a lot of hiking opportunities. We are also known as the “PNW” or Pacific Northwest. Choosing which hike to do as a group is somewhat difficult because you want to choose a location that is good for everyone. I understand that some ladies are more experienced (and hike faster), and there are some ladies who are less experienced (and hike slower). I decided to do a hike that is pretty popular here in Washington- Colchuck Lake. This hike is approximately 8 miles roundtrip, and does present some challenges for hikers.

I normally try and hike Colchuck Lake a few times a year because it is such a gorgeous hike. We decided to meet at the trailhead at 8am. For this hike, it is always better to get an earlier start to beat the crowds! Our group size was fairly decent- some ladies who came I have met (and hiked with previously) before, and there were some new faces too. I absolutely love meeting new people, so this was really fun for me! We did a quick giveaway before we started, and a few lucky ladies left with some awesome Mountain Khakis gear!! I almost wish my name could have been in the drawing because I really loved the prizes! J We started hiking at around 8:30am. The weather was absolutely perfect, although there was a little smoke in the area from local fires nearby. The 4 mile hike to the lake was filled with wonderful conversations! We had an array of different skill levels, so those who are “faster” hikers went ahead of the group. We also had some who were middle of the pack, and a few hikers who held up the caboose. We reached the lake at around 10:45am, and set up camp for an early lunch and more conversations.

There were a few ladies who found a great spot to hang up their hammock, and there were a handful of people who actually jumped in the lake!! We stayed by the lake for about an hour before we began to pack up our belongings and make the 4 mile trek back to the trailhead. I honestly don’t think I have laughed that hard in a very long time!! I loved getting to know every lady, and I look forward to hiking with them again. A few of the ladies already made plans to hike with each other again. I love the outdoor women’s community that the Pacific Northwest has created. I love being a part of such an awesome group of people, who share the common love for the outdoors!!! It honestly doesn’t get much better than that :-)