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Mountain Khakis Event at Quest Brewing Company


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I hosted my first Mountain Khakis event last week at Quest Brewing Company in Greenville, SC. The brewery has an awesome setup with a grassy lawn out back providing plenty of room for people to hang out outside on a beautiful night. Every Thursday night, the brewery has a new band in town as part of their “Thursday Night Concert Series”, and this week featured the band “The Rough and Tumble” out of Nashville. Their songs were unique and a folk-type feel to them, somewhat similar to a Mumford and Sons with a different, quirky twist. The stage had a rustic feel to it, and seemed to be created out of wood from an old barn.

A local food truck was there as well serving up some delicious chicken tenders, and the brewery had its own trailer out back from which they served some of their specialty, craft beers. I have to admit the crowd was somewhat different than I expected as there were a lot families there with kids running around and some older folks as well. I guess at a brewery event I was expecting a younger 20’s-30’s type crowd. We did have a lot of people there who fit into that group as well, and I would say in total there were maybe 90-100 people present.

I set up a table off to the side of the band, displaying the Mountain Khakis poster as well as the give-away items, catalogues, and etc. I brought my corn-hole boards from home and used them as the “challenge” for people to win the MK prizes. This was a good draw to get people to come over and check out what was going on. I was able to connect with a lot of great people and tell them more about the brand and why they need to get on the Mountain Khakis train! I had some awesome conversations with people from telling them about my favorite apparel and hearing about some of their awesome outdoor adventures. The koozies were a big hit for the people who weren’t able to win on the corn-hole challenge, and the hats and gift cards seemed to be the hot-ticket items taken by the first few winners.

My wife, Emily, came along and was a huge help with setting up everything. She’s also a photographer so I had her take some pictures for me of the event as well. I think the event was a huge success. Everyone who came out had a great time and also learned about the best brand out there! I’m looking forward to hosting more MK events there in the future and continuing to spread the word about Mountain Khakis here in the Upstate of South Carolina!