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Carolina Overlander Group Meetup

Overlanding is defined as self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principle goal. As a child geography and social studies were easily, two of my favorite subjects. Learning about how the geography of a region can dictate the customs and cultures of ancient and modern civilizations intrigued me, and continues to do so to this very day. Gaining insight into how a river can carve a landscape as majestic as the Grand Canyon, or how earthquakes can unveil dramatic mountain ranges, gave me the ability to view the world through the lens of optimism, and revealed how a cataclysmic event can oftentimes be the catalyst for innovation and change.

This respect for nature, geography and cultures came directly from my ability to engage without constraints. I was fortunate enough to be grow up in an environment that allowed me to focus on school, and remote destinations rather than if I was going to have the supplies necessary to take on the upcoming school year. OERNet and Carolina Overlanders teamed up with the great folks at Mountain Khakis, Southeast Overland and Unknown Brewing to hold a fundraiser for the Prodigal Sons Foundations and Camino Community Center that brought in 40 bookbags filled with supplies, and enough additional supplies to refill another 40. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Overland community present throughout the Carolina’s and the hospitality of organizations like Mountain Khakis, Southeast Overland and Unknown Brewing, who understand the importance of dreaming untethered. As OERNet continues to grow, and we begin to fulfill our mission of coming to the aid of first responders in emergency situations, we are grateful to be apart of a community that encompasses organizations such as Mountain Khakis, Southeast Overland, Unknown Brewing and the many overlanders spread across the Carolinas.

~ Chris