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Caddis Cup 2017

The Caddis Cup dinner and fishing tournament is our biggest fundraiser. This year the event took place July 7 – July 8. We market the dinner as a stand-alone event for folks interested in conservation and water conservation, but who are not necessarily avid anglers themselves. There is a core group of anglers who are very involved with the tournament aspect of the event.  They donate prizes and goodies (this year we raised around $2,000 through a raffle) and get friends involved with the Land Trust.

The main goal of the Caddis Cup is to raise money. It’s our biggest (only, really) fundraising event of the year. It’s also a good way to highlight all of the work we do to protect clean water and trout habitat, and it’s a fun way to interact with our supporters.

2017 Caddis Cup Fly Fishing Tournament results  (top 10) – total aggregate inches caught               

  1. Baron Unbehagen, guided by Nate Rigsby – 483”
  2. Josh Vaughn, guided by Ben Furimsky – 315”
  3. John Unbehagen, guided by Edward Dujardin – 308.4”
  4. Chris Carey, guided by Noel Durant – 270.4”
  5. Marcella Wildes, guided by Colleen Farrell – 228.2”
  6. James Kontos, guided by Marc Solari – 206.5”
  7. Tanja Harrison, guided by Mindy Sturm – 139”
  8. Chip Fudge, guided by Dave Pinkerton – 130”
  9. Scott Calhoon, guided by Erik Nauman – 118”
  10. Clayton Taylor, guided by Patrick Blackdale – 96.8”