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Bedford Trails Fat Tire Weekend


What is better than camping, mountain biking, and Mountain Khakis?  How about a three day weekend consisting of all that and more.  The Bedford Trails crew hosts mountain bike races throughout the year, but all of it culminates into one big weekend in June.  Of course, I am talking about the Fat Tire Weekend.  It all kicks off on Friday when the red gate is opened and Falling Creek Park is open for camping.  This is the only time of the year that camping is permitted, and there are folks waiting to take advantage of it.  I showed up Saturday morning, and the place looked more like a music festival than a rural park next to a retirement home. 

The lines of tents stretched as far as the eye could see.  There were course being plotted, sign up tents, and bike buzzing all around.  The atmosphere was electric.  With one race of several underway, the enthusiast were itching to get back on the trails.  Fortunately they wouldn’t have to wait long.

While there were races throughout the weekend, the most intimidating was the behemoth five hour race.  I get tired driving for five hours, so there was no chance I was riding a mountain bike that long. This was a team race, so in theory each member only had to ride two and a half hours.  Count me out!  I have a ton of respect for all who competed, and those who completed the race deserve a pat on the back (and definitely a beer or two).

This was a major event for the Bedford Trails crew, but by far not the only.  They are like many mountain bike groups across the country.  They take their resources at hand and put them to good work.  If you’re in the Southwest Virginia area, you should check them out.  If you aren’t, there’s still hope!  Do a quick internet search and you’re bound to find an event like this one.  If you are having a tough time finding anything, head to your local bike shop.  There’s bound to be a cork board hanging up full of flyers.  If not, just ask.  Take advantage of your local events, and take the time to support the guys and gals who work hard to give people a chance to really get out there and try something new.