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An evening at WTO Inc.


The sun is starting to get low in the sky and guest are starting to arrive. An everyday studio and museum has been transformed into wildlife filled social gathering hall. The floors are shining, animals dusted, drinks and amazing food all laid out in place, and now it’s time to enjoy and evening with the nationwide clientele at WTO Inc.

   WTO Inc. stands for Wilderness Taxidermy and Outfitters. They outfit exotic trips around the world for hunting, fishing, and photographic adventures as well as artistically preserve the game trophies that are captured on these fine outings abroad. They hold an annual social appreciation event for their clients and also serves as an opportunity to book a future adventure while at the social event. This business has been in operation for forty years now and displays some of the finest museum quality taxidermy from around the globe.


   The atmosphere is laid back and everyone has a story from there previous safaris and from memories past. Tales of African Lion hunts to the huge twenty pound Barred Peacock Bass they landed in the interior of the Amazon Basin. It’s not just the guys telling these stories, the ladies have big adventures under their belt as well. The Costa Rica fishing trip is always a hot topic where talks of huge Black and Blue Marlin put on impressive fights and pushed these folks to their limits of angling. One of the clients shared a photo of a Halibut he recently caught this past season in Alaska that was over 200 lbs! That’s a whole lot of Halibut steaks!

  The evening was a great time and a few individuals fared well  in the way of taking home some awesome Mountain Khakis swag to boot. So all and all, everyone had a wonderful time and were filled with good times and great food and drink! Until next year, were new stories are told and old ones remembered, this night comes to a close.