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What’s The Best Way to Spend Time With Friends?


The best way to spend time with your friends is to go mountain biking. Recently my friends and I started Mountain biking. After my first time I quickly fell in love because it is some similar to riding dirt bikes, which is something I also love to do. Mountain biking allows me to have the same thrill I get from riding dirt bikes and it’s a great form of exercise. We started out riding some easier stuff but since we also ride dirt bikes we quickly wanted to try more difficult trails and terrain. So we decided to go ride several trail located in the Pisgah National Forest. We rode several trails such as Greentown, Raspberry, and Beehive; these trails are located near Brown Mountain. On this ride, we not only tested out endurance and skill level but also our bikes. As soon as we entered the first trail we began to weave through the trees like on the trail we had rode before but that quickly changed into steep downhill runs and lots of rock gardens. As beginners some of the obstacles were terrifying but we encouraged each other to do them. There were lots of falls are hard crashes but the feeling that you get when you make it down an obstacles that is above your skill level is amazing. In the middle of one of the trails there was a river that we had to cross. I had never dreamed of crossing a river just to finish a trail while biking but we had to do it. We picked our bikes up and put them on our shoulders and had to jump across rocks to get to the other side. On the final trail, Beehive, there was the steepest, longest and very rockiest downhill section we had faced all day. By this point we were completely exhausted and sore, but we had to do it. During this section we all had hard falls but encouraged each other to get up and complete this last run. When we got to the bottom it was greatest feeling ever. We all had smiles on our face and were giving each other high-fives.

Wen you do something with your friends that pushes all of you to your breaking point, it strengthens the bond that you have with those people. There is no better people to experience difficult challenges with than your closest friends. I encourage everybody to take a trip that will push you and your friends to your limits, because there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than when you complete a new a difficult task with your friends.