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Toketee Falls


Hidden within the Umpqua national forest lays Tokettee Falls. One of Oregon’s many gems, this waterfall is a must stop destination for avid outdoorsmen and waterfall enthusiasts. The falls are located 58 miles east of Roseburg, Oregon, off of OR-138. The drive leading to the falls is breath taking, 138 passes through rural communities such as Glide, Oregon. The North Umpqua River meets with OR-138 in Glide. With a winding road following the river through the deep forest creates many photogenic scenes. Just outside of Glide on the border of the national forest was the first stop that I made. There was a large rock cliff covered in moss overlooking the bend of the river. The water was an incredible light blue color. If you keep following the scenic byway you will keep diving deeper into the Umpqua national forest. The winding road gripping tightly to the river gives you a breath taking views along the whole drive. When you arrive to the falls there is a large wooden pipe running through the parking lot. The wooden pipe was very old and had several leaks in it. The hike up to the falls hugs the winding river. There was still snow covering the trail, which made it somewhat challenging walking because it was extremely slick. Although the snow added a special element to the scenery, it made everything look so peaceful and pure. As we hiked towards the fall the trail became covered in ice, to the point that you could not distinguish where the trail actually was at. Everything was white. The deeper we traveled into the forest the only sound we could hear was the water crashing at the bottom of the falls. On the downward slope of the trail towards the viewing deck the overwhelming emotion of excitement took over. The sound of crashing water grew louder and louder. When the waterfall was finally insight I stopped in amazement. Toketee falls is breathtaking every time you stumble upon it. It actually has two waterfalls, a smaller one that feeds the basin for the much larger main fall. This is one of Oregon’s gems in the outdoors. I did not realize when I left to attend school at the University of Mississippi how much I would miss the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. However I feel that by leaving the PNW I have found a new respect and appreciation for my home. Now every time I go back home to visit I make sure to let everything soak in, enjoy the calming scenery and everything Oregon has to offer.