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Ten Rules to Road Tripping With Your Significant Other

Recently my girlfriend and I embarked on a nationwide road trip beginning in the middle of the country, hitting the west coast and coming back again. Here are a few things that I learned along the way as well as some rules to abide by when traveling long hours with your significant other. 

1. Keep it simple stupid

So two people in a car and both people have bags…and those bags need to be as streamline as possible…and this car is going to be your house for the next few weeks…and the more stuff you have the harder it is to find things…and the more frustrated you’ll get…see what I mean?

2. Plan at least somewhat ahead

The best part of a road trip is being spontaneous and fun, but you can’t achieve that unless you know kind of where you are going, and what you are bringing.

3. Have enough money for the whole trip

So how we did it was we split gas and food during the trip and that makes it cheaper. My thought process is that I want to have enough money to get home if I was alone on the trip. So basically double the food and gas money.

4. Give each other space

This is key to being successful. You will literally be with this person every single hour of every single day. It is more than okay to drop one person off at a coffee shop and have the other person go browse some stores. A little time away from each other could very well save yourself from an unpleasant tension-filled afternoon.

5. Vary your food selections

Road tripping is awesome because you can carry way more stuff than if you were backpacking which means you can cook pretty much anything you want on the road.

All you need is a good cooler (Yeti) and a camp stove and you can literally make anything.  Plan out your meals so you aren’t stuck eating beans and rice for three dinners in a row.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

This could mean anything. Browse local shops instead of shopping at Wal-Mart, go up a difficult hiking trail instead of an easy one. The possibilities are endless and the reward is always worth the risk.

7. Remember why you did this in the first place

Take some time when the day is winding down to be romantic. Go sit on the beach or by a lake. Cuddle in your sleeping bags and just enjoy each others company.

8. Bring something to do

There is so much downtime that people don’t realize when it comes to road tripping. Bring a book, or some cards, or a board game. Your phone WILL run out of data and you will be stuck. So bring some entertainment.

9. Pictures are worth a thousand words

The best part of a road trip is going on an adventure to all these amazing places. Bring a camera to capture those special moments. And the not so special ones, your S/O tired face after a hike is always a good laugh afterward.

10. Don’t forget about the real world

It’s really easy to forget about your life back home when on a road trip. You are meeting all these new people and having all these new experiences. But don’t forget you have things to go back to.