College Ambassadors

Rainy Days


Day one of the fishing trip, you’ve got your gear all packed up, fly rod by the door, and fish on your mind as you get ready to head out. And that’s when you hear it, your worst nightmare, the little pitter patter that turns into a downpour. You were wondering why the sun wasn’t shining, oh that’s right, its raining. Just goes to show that no matter how hard you plan and prepare, Mother Nature can always come around and stop you right in your tracks. Man do rainy day suck! So now what do you do, a front has moved in and the day is shut down, do you turn on the TV and try and find something to drown out the noise of your day being ruined, do you find solace in food and eat away your problems? And that’s when it hits you, and you turn slowly and see that beautiful site, your tying vise perched ever so elegantly on the coffee table. A child like grin begins to creep across your face s you settle in behind it and prepare your bobbin, time to tie some flies baby! You get out all your materials, your bucktails, EP fibers, flashabou, Icelandic sheep’s wool, the whole nine yards and you just go to town! Some of these flies you don’t even know what they’re supposed to look like, but it doesn’t matter, you’re so into it you don’t even notice the rain dying down. After a while you have some beautiful flies lined up in front of you, and you look outside just in time to see the sun come out from behind that cloud. You tie on an absolute beaut and head out the door. Fast forward three hours and about ten fish later, and all you can think is man I sure do love rainy days!