College Ambassadors

New Waters


The start of summer is always a refreshing feeling after the long drawn out finals week to end school, and with the beginning means the start of new adventures and experiences. Mine was a trip to the mountains of North Carolina to go fly fishing with some family friends and stay at their cabin. The 11 hour drive from New Orleans to Maggie Valley North Carolina was a long one, but it was very much worth it. South Louisiana is known for not only being flat, but most of it is also below sea level, so being in the mountains is always a very big change for me. Over the course of the next three days I saw black bears, caught rainbow and brook trout, and slid down a near by local attraction called Sliding Rock. Fishing in the small mountain streams was much different than the expansive marshes I am used to chasing redfish and speckled trout in, so being in a new place fishing streams that I had never heard of was a very memorable experience. My faithful, old, dirty MK hat was present with me throughout the duration of the trip as it is for most trips, and overall the trip was very successful and I cannot wait for the next chance to travel from the soup bowl that is south Louisiana to the Appalachian Mountains.