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How Do You Commute

How do you get to work, school, or wherever you’re headed each and every day? I have chosen a route that is alternate to every day commute most people make. Here in Norman, if you do not live with walking distance of campus, that is a 5-or-6-minute walk, then you drive to campus. It doesn’t seem to be something that grabs that many people attention, but it grabs mine.

Growing up in Tulsa, Ok, I attended a school about 25 minutes away from my house via car. A city without the mass-transportation system that most large cities have—Tulsa isn’t quite big enough for that—driving seemed the only way to go about that daily commute. In that day an age, I did not see anything wrong with it, and I suppose I still don’t, but there does seem to be a better alternative. Sophomore year of high school I had a teacher who made his daily commute to work via bike, it took him about an hour a day to commute, but he decided it was worth it. That is when my perspective changed, but my actions only changed this past year.

My current living situation is about a mile-and-a-half from campus. Everybody else who lives at my housing complex drives to campus and pays for parking. Not me, I bike every day. Why? Because it is unequivocally more enjoyable. It’s authentic, real, and more natural. I have a 7 minute commute every day where it is just me, nature, and my mind. It gives me time to think before and after my day begins. There are days where it is hot and your sweaty, and there are days when it has been chilly and I’ve been uncomfortable cold. But it is worth it, because I can reconnect with myself twice a day. It doesn’t just make sense for me to do it, but for everyone who reasonably can to do it. It’s healthier for you and more enjoyable.

That’s my challenge to you, the reader: To find yourself in the way you commute. I commute the Mountain Khaki way, it’s real, authentic, and rugged. My teacher changed my perspective, but I didn’t  change my actions until years later. It’s your choice in how you want to spend your days, but I’d encourage you to find yourself sooner rather than later. I sure wish I would have, but now I am commuting the MK way and enjoying it more than ever.