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10 Rules to Survive GGBY

First of all what the hell is GGBY?

Well GGBY stands for Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah. GGBY is a giant highline/base jumping/ rope swinging festival out in the middle of the desert, that is held at an undisclosed location outside of beautiful Moab, Utah. This festival is put on by the one and only Sketchy Andy Lewis. It’s run on the burning man principle. Everyone chips in and uses teamwork to make the world go round and it’s 100 percent free. The festival’s main purpose is to bring people together for one epic gathering of the extreme. People travel from all over to come and enjoy the world class highlands, BASE exits, and MASSIVE space net.

1. Leave No Trace 

The golden rule of playing in the outdoors. This one should be self-explanatory. Everything you bring into the festival area you must bring out, yup that includes your own feces. That brings me to the second rule.

2. Know how to go

So there are like 100-200 people just rambling around out in the desert. And everybody poops, so where do you go? Well, you have a few options, the first is to poop in doggy bags and store it in a garbage bag until it’s time to go. The second is to walk FAR away from camp and bury that shit. Literally, bury it like 2 feet underground so nobody will ever find it.

3. Bring your own firewood

This is a desert people. There are like 7 trees in the whole area. DO NOT TAKE FIREWOOD FROM THOSE TREES. They look dead, but these are desert trees. They are alive and well. So do us and mother nature a favor and bring your own firewood.

4. Get there early to help rig

This festival is one hundred percent free. No cost at all. Nothing. You just show up and there are tons of high lines and the giant space net pictured below. How do you think it gets out there into space like that? It takes a good 40-50 people to help rig that thing, so when you get there and you see it going up help out!

5. Respect the Queue 

There are a ton of high lines set up out there, so getting on a line will be relatively easy. But if you are new to high lining then you’ll be spending most of your time on the shorter lines. And there are a lot of beginners so get used to waiting, to solidify your spot make sure you are around when it gets to be your turn. When it gets to you and you are not there the line won’t be waiting for you, same goes for the 400-foot rope swing. If you put your name on the list and you aren’t there when it’s your turn, it’s no longer your turn.

6. Know your gear and how to use it

Believe it or not high lining and sliding on out to the space net do require a decent amount of technical skill. So please please please know how to climb your high line leash so you don’t just dangle out there in space. And when you slide your way out onto the space net that’s dangling 500 feet in the air, know how to safely transfer your slings onto the net and back up each system. Oh and go buy a hangover from trust me, you’ll need it.

7. Be open minded 

This one is pretty big. There are tons of people from all different walks of life at this festival. I’m talking traveling nomads to the local Moab monkeys to the Red Bull BASE jumpers. And they are all here to relax and have fun, same as you. So when you see your favorite base jumper from Instagram, don’t be star struck, shake his hand and offer him a beer. You’re all there to have a good time. You are just as important as he is.

8. Bring your camera

BRING YOUR CAMERA. For some, this is a once in a lifetime experience. So be sure to take all the pictures you want and share those pictures with your friends and family. This is a one of a kind place and it should be shared.

9. Enjoy your time off the grid

This is a magical place. Especially at night, there is almost no light pollution. So go climb that giant boulder and look at the sky, take it all in. Because it’s pretty damn amazing. 

10. Have Fun 

The most important thing is to have fun and be safe. Nobody is there to hold your hand. So be safe out there!