Van Life

My day begins where it ended; resting on a 29-inch wide bed that contains half of my dog, Redd. There’s sand in my sheets courtesy of Redd.  My wife is across from me on her 29 inches with her half of Redd. 6 inches separate our beds.

At first light, I come to and allow time for my simple mind to remember where the hell we are and what ambient temp we’ve reached outside. We move around and change elevations so much I take nothing for granted. I reach for my clothes that sit next to my head all night; the beauty of van life is that nothing is more than an arm’s reach away. If it’s cold I pull them under my covers to allow them to warm up before I put them on. Our furnace rarely kicks on.

I crawl directly from bed into the kitchen and start hand grinding my coffee beans as I fire up the propane burner and put on a pot of water.  My double walled insulated glass is waiting, expecting the perfect cup of coffee, 208-degree reverse osmosis water poured over 25 grams of coarse ground beans. I enjoy the beauty of the handmade coffee as I slide open the door of the van wondering what we are going to do today. After my second cup of coffee and a few conversations with my wife, we cook up something delicious on the stove top and make our move to get outdoors.

Our daily activities are comprised of mountain bike rides, hikes, fly fishing, or paddle boarding. Redd is our constant sidekick. We usually do one or two of these activities each day until our bodies are so tired we need a rest day. We ride the best trails we can find and fish Blue Ribbon trout streams. The rest of our time is spent enjoying local fare and microbrews, as well as the more mundane tasks of life like laundry, grocery shopping, work, and route planning.

Time ticks away without our notice. Oftentimes the setting sun is our only indicator that its time for the closing of our day, time to reflect on how lucky we are to live our lives this way. We finish our evening beers and locally sourced meals as we discuss where we are headed next.  And we crawl back into our beds with sandy sheets and a dog between us.