TotalCyclist DivaCamp™

TotalCyclist recently had their third womens only Cycling Camp. Affectionately known as DivaCamp™. It was held during the easter weekend.

23 total cyclists with staff attended. The location was beautiful Beaufort, SC. The Camp spanned 4 days and it included cycling, great wine, educational seminars and of course schwag! Thanks to the great folks at Mountain Khakis for sponsoring the event since it’s inception!

Days 1 and 2 consisted of riding, getting to know each other and above all else enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Thursday was spectacular and warm. Friday threw us a curveball and was windy and overcast. (Perfect day for my “Old Faithful Sweater”. )

Days 3 and 4 is when the camp really hit its stride. The women started to gel and bond. Saturday featured a 3 hour ride and included picturesque Hunting Island State park. We shared experiences on and off the bike and the Diva’s made their way to knee deep water. Spectacular location!

Sunday was the surprise day. The Diva’s have asked us to keep challenging them at each camp. This camp was not going to disappoint. We took a tour around “Lost Island” and then came to a stop. I then informed them that we were going to have our first annual “DivaCamp Bike Race”.  Surprise! The women were obviously taken back by these turn of events, however they all realized how far they had come since day 1 of the camp. So, they embraced it. It was a great deal of fun to watch these women “tackle” the race course all in the name of fun. The women actually enjoyed it and really took the slogan for MK to heart. “Rise Above It”. They sure did!

The camp adjourned about 45 minutes after our “DivaCamp bike race”. Tears were shared. Friendships were forged. Outdoors, in the sun, for fun. DivaCamp.