Reflections from Ecuador’s Second Annual Jondachi Fest


Spring has sprung and paddlers across North America are enjoying early season flows on their favorite rivers. As one of the the primary sponsors of the second annual Jondachi Fest, Mountain Khakis had a huge presence in South America this winter. In mid-January, international kayakers gathered once again to celebrate and advocate for the iconic Jondachi River in Tena, Ecuador. Ecuador’s rivers face increasingly difficult challenges (from dredging to mining to deforestation), and a poorly-planned hydro project continues to threaten the Jondachi.


The Jondachi forms the upper part of one of the last remaining free-flowing river systems to feed into the Amazon. Jondachi Fest aims to bring awareness to the ecological, cultural, and economic importance of this healthy river corridor with a week of seminars, river trips, artistic programs, and the class V Upper Jondachi Race. Jondachi Fest is grateful to Mountain Khakis for supporting free-flowing rivers across the world. Make sure and check out the video of this awesome event too!