The Power of Two Wheels

Recently I made a purchase of a new mountain bike; at the time I was looking for a means to push my workouts to a new level but to also minimize the damage to my body that comes from miles and miles of barbell work, little did I know the profound effect that two wheels can have if you look deeper than just the trail.

I grew up on bikes of all kinds; BMX, Mountain, road it didn’t matter. I tackled some aggressive trails at a young kid with my parents and spent many days on the Catawba trails that later became the US National Whitewater Center trail system. As I grew into my teen years I became more aggressive and learned the value of a good helmet. Then as I entered college and began working my time to spend riding lessened and I eventually sold my mountain bike to make a few extra bucks.

Since making the purchase of the new bike I have obviously been able to test a new arena of fitness which has made me better overall but I have also learned about slowing down in a sport of speed. While riding a bike is a skill you never loose, riding a bike on a single track trail is certainly a perishable skill so I had to relearn how to not crash into trees. This taught me the importance of constantly learning new skills in life and the importance of constantly passing those skills to other. I also learned the importance of stopping when you come to an opening and taking a few minutes to absorb everything around you and listen to the silence.

So as a busy summer both personally and professionally comes to an end for me and I stand in my garage looking at this bike hanging from my ceiling I am reminded at how powerful two wheels can be in life. The power of giving you the ability to better yourself physically but also the power to look inside yourself to find what you are made of and maybe make it better.