Photographing New Jersey Unknown Landscapes

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When you hear of a photographer from New Jersey, the last thing you think of is a landscape photographer.  When one thinks of New Jersey landscapes the image of oil refineries and the New York skyline come to mind. What people don’t realize is being a landscape photographer from New Jersey affords me the fantastic opportunity to photograph two of the largest protected land areas east of the Mississippi.

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New Jersey is home to the part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This 70,000 acre preserve is shared by New Jersey and Pennsylvania with the Delaware River running through the center.  Water from higher elevations makes it way down to the Delaware River basin via a highway system of creeks and impressive waterfalls a good portion of which can only be found with determination and a good topographical map. Photographing these waterfalls are the focus of one of my current projects within the Gap.

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One of the coolest aspects of New Jersey is the diverse landscapes. If I hop in my car from the Gap, I can be in a completely different area within an hour and a half.  The Pinelands National Reserve is a 1.1 million acre protected area located in the southern half of New Jersey and is the largest protected area on the eastern seaboard.  The Pinelands is home to over 386 unique species of plants and animals and makes up a total of 22% of New Jersey’s land mass.  The landscapes here are unlike any other. Currently, one of the major focuses of my work is capturing the unique beauty of this landscape.

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Exploring these areas with my camera for the past several years, has made it very clear to me  why we need to conserve and protect the wild areas.  As stewards of this land it is our responsibility to protect our natural areas for future generations.

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