Our new outdoor family

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When we first starting talking about children, our discussions revolved around how we could maintain some semblance of our lifestyle while still having babies. Many of our talks around the campfire after days of mountain biking, trail running or skiing consisted of “if we had a kid with us today how could we have made it work.” In the first month of a new baby, as we barely slept, and spent hours in a vicious cycle of feeding and changing diapers, none of our dreams even remotely seemed a reality. Once we caught up on a few hours of sleep and I was cleared to resume activity again, we thought we would try one of our late night campfire schemes. Spoiler: It worked! Actually, it was better than that-it was awesome!

One Friday afternoon we packed up our 3 dogs, the baby, the baby carrier, my bike and gear and headed out. Andrew dropped me off at the top of one trailhead with my bike and gear. I did a little happy dance and celebrated my first solo Mom time before hopping on my bike and starting to pedal uphill. In starting, I feared I had lost most of my endurance while pregnant, however the adrenaline kicked in and well, it was just like riding a bike again. I spent some great alone time on the single track until I came upon two of our three dogs. Andrew, the baby, and the three dogs had started at a lower trailhead and started walking in the opposite direction towards me. Once the dogs found me, Andrew and the baby were not that far behind. We exchanged hugs and truck keys before I headed down to finish out my mountain bike ride and Andrew finished hiking with the baby and dogs. I loaded up the truck with my bike, went back to the top trailhead, and picked up Andrew, the baby and dogs.

Our first day adventuring as a family of three began as a daunting task that finished with great success. We realized that despite a lifestyle change with our new addition, we do not have to give up everything, we just have to adjust how we approach doing it. Although we may not have been together both riding at the same time or hiking at the same time, we were all out there on the same trails together and in the end everyone finished with a big smile on their face, which in the end is all that matters.