New England CX racing based out of Maine


Ice Weasels Cometh, RI

It’s not fall, its not winter. It’s the season of CX! Well for my mind CX just kept creeping into my dreams, my desires, my focus in training. My first races in September didn’t go so well. I would have a decent start and then something would fall apart, being me or my gear. I rolled tires in the first three races, I found my fitness not quite up to par with the gents that had been training specifically for CX since June or those coming off of a strong road season. I figured this was alright though. I really wanted to be “driving” the bike come November and December anyway.

When I last raced CX in 2009 I was still living out at the gateway to the Pacific Northwest in Idaho. I would find myself heading over to Boise, down to Salt Lake City or Ogden, over to Bend, OR or to Portland, OR. All long road trips, all really good scenes for CX. With all the CX hoopla going on around the U.S. over the past decade, New England still has the history and the depth that other regions will always be chasing to catch. I’ve really been fortunate to find myself in New England CX scene this fall. Heck I am fortunate that my road season took a break in August/September due to some back issues and I found myself rested and hungry to race in October and November. Original intentions focused on fall road racing suddenly became mired wandering down to Massachusetts or Rhode Island to race CX. However, after one race and I wasn’t mired at all. I simply had lost focus on how much I enjoyed CX. How much I enjoyed the scene and the people that race CX, the difficulty and skillset required for CX. These folks are true Hedonist of the sport. I have a dear friend that resides in Belgium and races CX. Don’t be misled, I don’t have direct experience with Belgium CX racing or culture, but listening to his experiences I see similar CX fanatics  here in New England. It is truly amazing to see so many different folks having fun and making a party out of chasing one another around in the woods, the mud, over barriers, through sand and up steep hills in tights.


So, as with so many other New Englander’s the right direction to go this time of year is CX racing. Now, I am perpetually driving to RI and MA as we head into its final month CX here in New England. As folks turn their final build focus to CX Nationals the first week of January in Asheville.
Myself, well I hadn’t really put Nationals as a real expectation this year. While it was always in the back of my mind it seemed just out of reach with the other life balances I look to keep in check every day. As I write, I have found myself in a final build and headed to Asheville. A dress rehearsal for Nationals in CT? Yes but definitively No. The details are coming together, I am going through my gear with a fine tooth comb, my training is on tract and fitness is still rising. And most importantly my hunger is at an all time high. I am looking forward to what Asheville has to throw at us in January. I am looking forward to a road trip with our “director sportif”. The stories and dialogue that only a road trip produces when couped up with a friend for hours. After all, its the journey that actually carries the most value. The destination? Well, I’ve done the homework and I just have to go do what I do, drive the bike. Let the moment take its course.