MK Ambassador, Stephen Ausherman, Reports from the Field

Stephen Ausherman I recently started fieldwork for the second edition of 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque. The selection process is never easy. That much range gives you access to six national forest ranger districts, four national monuments, four federally designated wilderness areas, a national wildlife refuge, a national preserve, and at least three state parks. You’ve also got lesser-known tracts under the stewardship of the Bureau of Land Management, the State Land Office, and the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District. And there’s more. I recently explored a Game, Fish & Wildlife property in the San Mateo Mountains, (one of eight ranges in the prescribed area.) Not a lot of people know about it. Nobody at the department seemed to know how to get there. One guy told me it’s where they send troublesome bears and mountain lions. They’ve also put Himalayan tahr and Barbary sheep out there. It’s like a place of exile. Best of all there’s just one mile of drivable road on 2,840 acres to norske casino. The only way to see the rest of it is on foot.



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