MK Ambassador, Matt Dorroh, Describes Another Type of Adventure – Welcoming a New Baby Boy!

In this, my inaugural post as an ambassador, I racked my brain with subjects to write about. Last fall was busy, you see my wife and I were expecting our first child, between farming and putting together baby stuff there wasn't time for much else. So when I looked back through images and the stuff we'd done there was one recurring theme, our son. At that point I realized that while I may not have an outdoor adventure to share at the moment, I do have an adventure to share. The adventure of my life in fact. Our son, Miller, was born December 13 and life since has been an adventure to say the least. Short days and long sleepless nights, time is flying by and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

As the new year gets off to a great start, I thank MK for allowing me to share with y'all and can't wait to contribute to the world of MK!




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