Learning To Live With Little

Move to an island. For most people this would be a dream come true. And for us, this was reality for our family of four for two years. Two years is actually a short length of time in the big picture, yet long enough time to settle in and call it home.

We quit our jobs, we sold our first house, we sold one of our cars, and moved our entire life into storage..and it felt good. Something about doing life differently made us excited. Excited for the unknown world we were about to travel to, excited for the new routine, excited to live with so much less stuff.

I will never forget the feeling when we landed in the country of Grenada. Our flight arrived at midnight and there was a taxi driver waiting for us that our landlord set up. He quickly threw our luggage in the van and sped off. We couldn’t see anything out the windows, it was hot, and he was hitting every pot hole there was. Holding our kids tightly while our heads sporadically tapped the roof of the van. I kept telling myself the negative thoughts I was having were normal in any new, unfamiliar experience.

I was right, everything turned out just fine. Those same roads that worried me when we first arrived happened to also be my daily commute around the island. Getting into a new routine happened all too quickly. One day I am waking up with 5 a.m. alarms then quickly getting ready to head to work for 8 hours and the next day I find myself waking up to the sun rising, slow coffee filled mornings and a lovely ocean view. 

While my husband left us 7 days a week to attend and study for medical school, I was left with my kids to fill the day with new experiences. Our days were simply shaped with what we wanted to do, what the weather was like, and how we felt. We swam in the ocean, found starfish, climbed mountains, hiked trails, laid in the sun, took road trips, visited leatherback sea turtles, surfed the waves, and met many locals.

We often wore the same clothing, drove rusty old cars, and spent the day sweating and itching from the mosquitos but there were few complaints. We knew that our time in Paradise was temporary and luckily island time is slow, so we could savor and enjoy it.