Last Minute Adventure

In mid-April, I was selected to support a project at work requiring me to travel from my home in South Carolina to the Washington DC area.  This project was supposed to last for two weeks, but midway through the trip I received word that I would need to stay much longer until early June, causing a major disruption to vacation plans my husband and I had made.  During this time, I was sequestered for up to 10 hours day with my project team, and then going straight to my hotel to continue working in the evenings.  It was hard being away from my family – my husband had his own obligations that took him to Canada, and I couldn’t be there with him nor enjoy the springtime activities I love so much.  Then, a wonderful surprise happened – the project team would not be needed during the week of Memorial Day!

It was like being paroled, and instead of going home I made arrangements to join my husband in Canada for the last part of his trip.  Although it wasn’t the original trip we had planned, it was a sweet unexpected surprise, and we absolutely made the most of it.  We explored Niagara Falls, stopped off at Canada’s Wonderland (Canada’s largest theme park), and visited the renowned wine region Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Then as we started to make our way back to South Carolina, we stopped for hike in New York, climbed the steepest street in North America while we passed through Pittsburgh, and experienced paranormal activity when we visited the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia.  We knew we had a short time together as I would have to travel back to DC as soon as we returned home, but absolutely enjoyed every single minute of our last minute adventure together.  I am typically a planner, but it felt great to do something spontaneous and adventurous with my best friend, especially since we didn’t think we would see each other again until June.  Adventure can be found anywhere, doing anything, and it feels even more special when it was completely unexpected!