Getting Out Here

We all say we can’t wait to get out there. We can’t wait for our next adventure. But then we sometimes get caught up in the planning, the gear search, the desire to find the “perfect time”, or whatever our excuse may be. Then we get online and see other people getting out there and enjoying the outdoors and we wish we were with them, but then we desire all the things they have and we don’t. Adventuring is not meant to be perfect, it is meant to be pursuit of the unknown. So why is it that we seek to be so perfect in our adventuring.

Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what would could happen. Fear of judgement. Fear of yourself. Fear of failure. Fear of fear. Fear slows us down. Being cautious is one thing, but allowing fear to not let you take the step outdoors is crazy. Just take the step to get out here.

Accessibility. It’s so easy to get online and research. To dive in and get more info than you ever wanted to know. This leads to information overload and your head begins to swim. There are forums upon face groups of every “expert” in the world. Those keyboard warriors may or may not have ever done what you desire to do, but they will surely inform you that you are doing it wrong and they only have the right way. Knowledge is good, but there are many ways to access the outdoors. Just be safe.

Appearance. What will those we meet out there think of our gear? Will my old Coleman grill measure up to another’s Partner Stove. Will my ice chest look cheap next to someone else’s ARB fridge/freezer unit. Will this look good for my InstaFaceTwitChat? I saw this perfect picture that I want to copy and do myself.

These are all things I am very guilty of. Especially when I first began exploring the outdoors. I thought I needed the latest and greatest to measure up and have a great time. I still want the latest and greatest, but I am content with the basics I have. They get me there, take care of me, keep me safe, and help me have a great time. But I don’t need the newest, the latest, the best to do those things. I don’t need to make my Instagram post look just like that other persons. No, I need to post my own adventure. I need to show what I have accomplished, show my own story. The good, or the bad, it was my adventure and I am proud of it. I am glad where my adventures have taken me and where they will take me in the future.

Set aside those things, get your basic gear, tell someone your plans, be safe, take a friend, and get out here and enjoy!