My favorite place on earth

Do you have a place where you love to visit? A place that is beautiful all year round? For me, the answer is yes! That place for me is a beautiful lake that you can only get to by hiking. In order to experience this beautiful lake, you have to hike 4 miles in to experience its pure beauty. This lake is located in Washington State, in a gorgeous little town called Leavenworth, WA. This pristine lake is called Colchuck Lake. If you live in Washington, or close by, I would highly recommend coming here. If you google “Colchuck Lake” you will see why.

This lake is gorgeous all year round, too. I just recently hiked (October 7, 2017) here, and the incredible fall colors were in full effect. I like to call it “Larsh Madness” because the tree colors are a gorgeous yellow color. The day my husband and I hiked this trail, it was a bit of a chilly day. We bundled up in our puffy jackets and headed up the trail around 9:30am. The entire hike was draw dropping- fall colors everywhere you looked. I felt like I was hiking so fast because I wanted to get to the lake to see how amazing the fall colors were!

We got to the lake around 11:30am- there was a small breeze that made it VERY chilly. It also started snowing a bit, which made the scenery that much more beautiful! I added a few more layers on before sitting down and having some lunch. I sat there in amazement, and felt like a little kid in a candy store. The yellow trees were my absolute favorite! My husband and I finished lunch, took some pictures (OF COURSE!!), and headed back down around 12:30pm. If it wasn’t so chilly, I would have wanted to stay there all day and adventure around the lake a bit….but at this point my hands were numb! We got back to our car around 2:00pm, turned on the heat, and headed home. I sat in the passenger seat looking through all the pictures we had taken with a huge smile on my face. This place truly is my favorite place on earth!)