Aloha Adventure

Last month my wife and I had the opportunity to travel to the amazing island that is Hawaii. We spent the week on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Kona area and we had an incredible time!

Our trip to Hawaii was a great experience filled with tons of exciting adventures. The time change (6 hours behind South Carolina time) was a little challenging so we began most days before the sun was even up. Often times we would arrive at our favorite breakfast spot in Kona (Island Lava Java) before their whole staff even showed up!

On our first day we explored some of the different beaches near us. The Big Island is different than the other islands of Hawaii in that you have to hike or go off-roading to find many of the white-sand beaches. One of the best beaches we went to was called Makalawena Beach in Kekaha Kai State Park. It was about a 2 mile hike each way across volcanic rock but it was worth it! We almost had the whole beach to ourselves not including our sea turtle buddies that we hung out with!

The next day, I was able to convince my wife that I had to get my thrill-seeking side satisfied so after we went snorkeling at a cool place called Two-Step, we made our way over to what the people of Hawaii call “The End of the World”. I have an affinity for jumping off cliffs into water and I absolutely could not resist jumping off of something called “The End of the World”. It was about a 40 foot plunge off a rocky ledge into crystal clear blue water below…and it was AWESOME! I could have stayed there for hours if it wasn’t for the tough ascent back up the side of the cliff.

We spent most of the next day adventuring to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We hiked the Crater Rim Trail and could see the steam bellowing out from inside of the active volcano. The Thurston Lava Tube was one of our favorite parts of the journey. The tube was a passageway for a red river of lava hundreds of years ago and we were able to hike through the now dark cave-like tube!

Before we decided to kick back and relax on the beach the last couple days of the trip, we squeezed in a couple more adventures. Full disclosure, I would always choose to be running around exploring but you got to make sure your bride is happy too so we had to slow down at some point. Anyways, two of our favorite things we were able to do was go Parasailing and Kayaking with Hawaii Spinner Dolphins. We did an early morning parasail and it was amazing! Not only was it unreal rising up to 500 feet in the air, but seeing the island, the turquoise blue water, and the sun rising behind you was simply breathtaking! Kayaking with the dolphins was more of a self-made excursion. We learned where the dolphins typically hung out in the mornings so we decided to take our chances renting a kayak and going to find them, and man did we get lucky! We were able to find the whole pod of about 25 dolphins and followed them within arms-length of our kayak for about 45 minutes. Incredible does not even begin to describe our experience with these beautiful creatures. One of the coolest parts was how these dolphins will dive deep down into the water and shoot back up, jumping out of the water into a full spin before landing back in the water!

Our Aloha Adventure was one we will never forget filled with so many epic memories we will cherish forever. I hope everyone has a chance to go in their lifetime!